Charu Deepika

Schonell 77 is just an inspiring awe to me. I am Charu Deepika, from India who stepped out of the home for the first time. I never had home sickness at all because I just felt my flatmates as my family soo caring and respectful. On top of which the management people and the land owner themselves were sweet and responsive. They all treated me as their kid, I am enjoying the glow of friendship here, students at the gym throw a welcome smile at you just like your mom walking till the door. My room is also very good for study, well-lighted and ventilated. The movie nights are awesome for people to relax and take a breath from busy university schedules. Coming from a joint family, I felt very happy to have everyone together in free breakfast sessions. People are open to share your happiness in Schonell, feeling like home providing all the facilities needed. This place and people around transforms me into much caring and considerate person. I love my Schonell mates!!!