Why Us

Why stay with us? Because we’re not like every other student accommodation.

Our student accommodation facilities are different because of one essential thing:
We are a family-run operation, which means we welcome our students as if they were part of our family too.
It’s the support, the security, the connection and the friendships that you will treasure most during your stay with us.
And then, of course, we have fantastic facilities, walkability to the University of Queensland, and a whole lot more!



We make sure your time with us is full of enriching, engaging experiences, from cultural exposure to hilarious community trivia nights and competitions.


Cooking classes and helpful on-site staff ensure you extend those essential life skills during your stay at our home-away-from-home.

Movement and fitness equals a healthier brain, so we provide on-site gym access, a spa and sauna at our Munro Street facility, and bike access and walking tours.


We provide free courses to get you off to a great start on your University journey, as well as home tutoring services.

Sip a latte, laugh with new friends, unwind or connect with a study-buddy at our cosy new ground-floor café at Schonell 77.


Students away from home need extra support. We connect our students with friendly local support organisations and UQ counselling services.

Stroll to your classroom without breaking a sweat


Put away your bus pass – you won’t need it when you stay with us! Both our facilities are less than one kilometre from the University of Queensland.

Schonell 77 student accommodation:
850 metres to UQ

Munro Street student accommodation:
50 metres to UQ Located in the beautiful St Lucia precinct, our accommodations are in the middle of the action, with easy access to local attractions, the city centre, shopping amenities and a vibrant restaurant scene.

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We are passionate about helping our student’s to thrive

That means taking care of mind, body and soul. At Schonell 77, our team are dedicated to giving every student in our care a positive, rewarding and succesful learning experience.


We encourage students to join in on our exciting calendar of events, which range from hilarious games and trivia competitions through to regular cinema nights in.
Our accommodation is designed to give students the space to unwind and relax when they need to, and study in peace.

Community spirit

Our student’s say the biggest impact of their stay at Schonell 77 was the warmth and inclusive spirit that we have developed. For young people living away from home, sometimes for the first time, feeling like part of a family is intrinsically important to their study journey.
In 2018, we are opening a 24-hour onsite café at Schonell 77, which will be another perfect way for students to unwind, catch up and forge deep and lasting friendships.

Help for students when they need it

Being away from home and undertaking tough studies can be challenging. We’ve built a strong support network for our students, ranging from simple at-home help from us, through to professional support services.
All students studying at the University of Queensland have access to six months’ of counselling services, which we can organise if needed.

Genuine help to achieve the highest success

Part of our service for new students is a 10-week free course on earning the highest distinctions in your studies. This course is incredible popular and helps students to begin their studies with real momentum.
We also offer on-location tutoring services with AT Tutoring for extra help when students need it. Our cooking classes are a huge hit with students who want to learn how to nourish their bodies with great food too!

We take new students under our wing

When our students first arrive, we team them up with Greeters, a fantastic free service that gives fun, guided tours through Brisbane so new students can start to feel at home quickly. It also helps them to feel confident in their surrounds and aids a sense of independence.
Our regular ‘Get To Know You’ breakfast feasts are another way of embracing new students into the Schonell 77 family. And of course, we’re always here to help and have a chat!

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